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Waffle Kitchen Towel - Southern Kitchen Commandment #1
The Pampered Gurl

Waffle Kitchen Towel - Southern Kitchen Commandment #1

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Anyone who grew up in a state South of the Mason Dixon line knows that there are specific customs and rules that set Southern kitchens apart from others. These fun towels are meant to poke fun at those sometimes debated, but well known customs.

Commandment #1 : Thou shalt not put sugar in grits nor veggies.

There are two groups of Southern bred eaters : those who follow this rule and the ones that don't. Choose your team carefully! This debate just might lead to a house divided! :) Check back soon for more commandments :)

These towels are made of super absorbent polyester and measure 15 inches wide x 24" long. The design is permanently pressed into the surface via sublimation so it will not ever fade, crack or peel off.

Size : 15" wide x 24" long

Color: White

Recommended Care : Wash in cold water. Low dry. No bleach or fabric softener.